Uranus and the Revolution Cycle

We collectively stand on the verge of at least a few more years of sweeping Revolution. To hold on to any denial that the process is already, irreversibly, underway would be dangerously naive. To believe that we can go back to some semblance of a former way of life in America is a mistake.  The humanly forces of mass patriotic discontent and politically-charged excitability are set ablaze once again by the current time signature of astrology. Uranus squares Pluto. Jupiter opposes Uranus. Saturn will conjunct Pluto at the end of 2019. Let me guide you thru these turns of the great cosmic cogs in the sky.

Within the cosmic fabric of the zodiac, we find a disturbance in the angle of the forces of Uranus and Pluto as they have recently formed a 90 degree point of action called a square. As it reached exact measurable degrees seven times from 2012-2015, several times due to retrograde motion from a geocentric perspective, events in our world have flared up to express this discord of this alignment. Since these planets began a new cycle and danced through a Uranus-Pluto conjunction from 1961-1969, seeding the antiestablishmentarianism ideas that oppose the current administration’s actions against the land and the people, we have been collectively calling for change. All of this fuels conflict around our country’s division of political values.

“People who oppose the great cultural and social movements of the ’60s say they were just passing fads at best, and the root of current moral decline at worst, but the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of that era means that these movements are actually just the beginning of a decades-long cycle of revolution that will eventually transform all of society. So in a sense these critics are correct-the old values are being undermined, as they always are under this influence. We should never forget that in our modern times today’s “Establishment” is always due to the efforts of yesterday’s “revolutionaries.”” This quote is from E. Alan Meece’s piece entitled The Three Revolutions: The Uranus-Pluto Cycle, which can be read here: http://philosopherswheel.com/thethreerevolutions.html

The current establishment has had a good long run and now it is quickly running itself into the ground with greed. Veils are dropping everywhere. Establishment efforts to conceal corruption are at an all-time low and whistle-blowing is at an all-time high.  The Great Corporate Power Grab in effect is more apparent than ever, if one simply opens their mind and questions what is going on. There are far too many people who are aware of the injustices that the wealthy elite inflict upon the rest of us and the Earth in the wake of their bad big business decisions. How much longer will we stand for this? I am betting that by the time Saturn joins Pluto in Capricorn in the sky, we will see the tables turn in favor of the greater population and the greater good of the Earth. Capricorn IS reputation and achievement in the outer world. Capricorn IS big business. Capricorn IS the political machine. Capricorn is the master builder earth sign ruled by Saturn. Saturn spends about two years in each sign. She gains the full strength of her reformer abilities when she returns to travel through Capricorn. Together with Pluto’s slow but profound transformative abilities, the current power dynamic in our country is up for a revision. We are about to watch history in the making. 

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