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Where are the discerning voices of the grandmother’s council?

What’s missing in American culture? Where is the voice of the wise old women represented?  When will we re-empower our honored elder women to stand in their wisdom and experience to guide us all?  In order to restore balance, especially in these dire times, we will need the voices of our beloved grandmothers, our ancient […]Read More

Uranus and the Revolution Cycle

We collectively stand on the verge of at least a few more years of sweeping Revolution. To hold on to any denial that the process is already, irreversibly, underway would be dangerously naive. To believe that we can go back to some semblance of a former way of life in America is a mistake.  The […]Read More

Revolution is in the Air

Revolution is in the air, almost everywhere across the globe, and the key to its success is fiercely feminine. We must NOW commit ourselves to overhauling the way we live. Unsustainable capitalism and its dirty offspring; rampant consumerism, towering debt, and addiction to acquisition must be left behind for more holistic ways of being a nation. […]Read More