Cosmicfox Healing Collective is a monthly membership designed to deliver one potent group healing call, one illuminating ASTRO LOGIC and Ask Me Anything group call, and one members portal in a private fb group with tons of interactive content and bonuses.


I bring you 20 years of professional astrology experience into monthly ASTRO LOGIC Ask Me Anything calls. We will talk about the current cosmic energies and open the conversation for your specific and personal questions.


You get a monthly group energy healing call, which is worth more than the full cost of the monthly membership itself! Even if you only came for this, the benefit of an intentional monthly guided healing community session is cumulative over the months. It’s a cornerstone of support that will serve your continued healing and personal evolution. 


Our curated community will follow in the footsteps of my most beloved mentors and bring in practices that generate a supportive sisterhood, such as bragging and up-riding, witnessing through favorite frames, sharing gratitudes, sharing desires, sharing deepest fears to transmute and neutralize them. Finally, a private FB group you will love posting in. 


I will also be sharing tools so that you can artfully manage your own energy and life… create and destroy tools, clearing, recharging, and a juiced up manifestation mock up process for creating and attracting what you desire in life. 


This is the place to be if you are craving to bring in more elements of ritual, magic, community, and sacredness to your life. 


I have some very special guest hosts in the works to speak about topics like Human Design, psychic work, feminine hormone balancing, cycle syncing, pleasure, power, and more. 


You will also get bonus meditations, ASTRO LOGIC shares between calls, collective oracle readings, and journal/share prompts for the current astrological weather. 


I promise I will over-deliver and you will all want to invite your friends to share in this creative endeavor. Calls will be scheduled by astrologically chosen dates and voted on in the fb group for maximum attendance. They will all be recorded too.