How much havingness do you actually have?


I can still remember the first time this concept came to me in a psychic development class years ago. Havingness, in the psychic world, is an ability that we can have something, to varying degrees.

It’s the ability to receive, enjoy, and allow something to continue before we hit our metaphorical ceiling with it. When this happens, we allow our unconscious to block it or push it away.

Are you able to have, and enjoy, the things that you say you want in life?

Havingness is tied to the unconscious mind and body. Our brains and bodies learn to protect us from what has hurt us in the past, but often this is not useful or helpful when we encounter new experiences, because our brains will sabotage or create limitations based on old memories.

You might have very high havingness for some things you claim not to want at all.

You might have very low havingness for the things that you desire the most.

Or you might find that you have both a conscious desire for and unconscious desire to push something away.

So what do you do?

You hire a good coach to help you see your blind spots and make adjustments. As your coach, I bring my fluency in the languages of astrology, psychology, energy healing, seeing you and your energy clearly, brain and nervous system rewiring, and more to your sessions. I can offer you many personal transformation tools and practices to get you the results that you are seeking your life. With my eyes and deep listening directed on you, you have a much better chance at overcoming your downfalls.

Can you allow yourself to have that kind of support that lifts you out of struggling with it on your own??

I’m here to serve your desired personal evolution.

What is it that you desire the most, darling? Book a discovery call if you are interested in seeing if we are an aligned fit for a coaching package. Current prices and payment plans are listed on my services page.

Why would you hire me as your coach? 

I offer SO MUCH MORE than just 1:1 coaching.

⚡️advanced astrological understanding specific to you

⚡️mindset assistance/ perspective shifts that you need

⚡️psychological insights

⚡️attachment style de-conditioning & re-patterning

⚡️shadow discovery & integration

⚡️heaps of empowerment & permission to be authentic

⚡️trauma education and healing thru simple, proven brain and body practices

⚡️certified claircognizant and energetic reading & healing

⚡️energetic grounding & realignment with your own spirit

⚡️basic human design insights

⚡️believing in you

⚡️celebrating you

⚡️holding you in compassion and non-judgment so that you release shame and guilt

⚡️helping you uncover your deepest desires

⚡️reminding you to reach for pleasure

⚡️reflecting your power back to you and turning it up