In My Clients Words

Morgan Goldberg

Elsa thinks and sees in astrology. She knows my chart better than me and always gives me those Aha moments of why things are happening the way they are. Her work is expansive and deep. 

Erika Dean

I have received a number of readings from Elsa over the last 6 years and admired the depth of her knowledge and passion for this art. I have found them to be insightful without being presumptuous. She is able to use her extensive knowledge of astrology  to guide me to my own deeper understanding with intelligent and compassionate guidance. 

Rhina Ju

I learned so much from Elsa’s comprehensive astrological reading! She’s an overflowing fountain of cosmic knowledge. She covered all the bases for my mercurial Gemini mind. It was a lot more than I expected from my very first astrological reading. She helped me put the dots together with my creative expression, spirituality, and identity with remarkable insight, and I thought I had a pretty good understanding of my chart as an astro enthusiast. I gained a better understanding of how to approach some nebulous and oftentimes intense energies with more clarity and strategy. I really appreciated the supplemental resources and prompts she shared to help me integrate the new self-discoveries and anchor goals for 2021 with corresponding timelines and energies to consider. I love her devotion to detail; it shows her deep commitment and passion for her craft. I am entering the new year feeling supported and equipped with the knowledge and tools to make it my best year yet. Thank you so much, Elsa! <3

Cathy Wilke

Thank you Elsa for the powerful astrology reading.  This woman was so tuned in! I booked a session without having any discussion with her about what was going on in my life.  When we met for the reading, the first thing out of her mouth was an enthusiastic “I have a lot to tell you about your business.”  It just so happens that my business was EXACTLY the thing I wanted to focus on.

Elsa’s reading was so spot-on and precise.  I have been in dark phase (stepping back from my business, reconfiguring things) and the information she gave me allowed me to understand what was happening astrologically which gave me a lot of peace.  She let me know that Saturn was doing his work on me which helped me stop resisting what was wanting to happen.  Such a relief!

Elsa was able to give me time frames and dates for when things will shift which I found very reassuring.  

It was mind-blowing that by reading my chart, Elsa was able to see the way that I approach my work with my clients and give me guidance on how to best position myself so that I’m working with clients who will truly benefit from my approach.

I so appreciated Elsa’s willingness to answer all my questions along with her wonderful guidance around how to integrate the information from the reading into my business.  I have gone back to the recording many times because it’s so full of great information.

Dr.Cathleen King, DPT 

Often our path seems to be of our own making, and in many ways it is. And at the same time there is the paradox that the happenings of our lives are being orchestrated by a power beyond our own choice.  When I came to understand how my personal, unique astrological influence was part of my “path”, and that in some ways I was trying to swim against certain “currents” in my life, I started to better learn the art of acceptance and trust. Elsa Irle is an amazing astrologist who brought this profound personal understanding about the influences beyond my control according to astrology and how to best work with these governing stars, and in some cases surrender to that flow that was beyond my control.

Not only did I receive detailed guidance on how my particular energies and desires are governed, but I also came to surrender to the events as they unfolded in my life according to this divinely orchestrated astrological plan.  I also received guidance and understanding for my children and partner.

Most importantly, Elsa’s guidance, encouragement, and detailed interpretation of my and my family members astrological charts helped me to navigate through some very difficult life transitions of divorce, mothering, and entering into a new relationship and developing a new career.  She also gifted me with a deeper understanding of my divine femininity and how to reclaim the power I gave away.

In addition to her depth of astrological understanding and feminine self empowerment, she also has a keen understanding of the energetic forces that are at play in our life experiences. She’s able to help guide one to develop home practices of energetic clearing and stabilization.  

The gift of understanding who you truly are and what the divine purposes are in your life can be a profound step into the ultimate journey we are on, which is letting go of control of our ego’s agenda and surrendering into the beautiful will of the Divine, or True Self within.  Elsa is a gifted woman who will help you navigate through the balance of designing your life while surrendering to the influences beyond your power.

Natasha Edwina

Elsa is truly intuitive and tapped into universal energies and the truth beyond the veil. It’s always a pleasure to connect with her, receive her guidance, and compare notes about astrological influences. What a gift she is!

Marisel Bracero

I had a Natal Chart Reading done by Elsa with a 3 month forecast for the best moves for my business. She was so thorough in explaining everything to me in the planet world and how it affects me. I feel so supported by the feedback she has given me. I am only in my first 3 weeks of that reading and I already am experiencing things exactly as she read them to be. And so I feel I can make the most empowering decisions for my business. I look forward to utilizing her guidance for the next coming months!

Camelia Ewiss

I had a magical astrology session with Elsa …it was beyond powerful!

Having had some basic knowledge of my chart before, we proceeded into more in-depth exploration of my houses, planets and signs. What I really loved about Elsa’s astrology readings is the way she interprets them. A lot of main stream astrology sees certain connections of planets within the limited ‘good’ or ‘bad’ , Elsa’s magic goes beyond those visions, she turns everything into true raw potential, which made the reading for me much more powerful than others I’ve had before.

Thank you Elsa for this beautiful gift, it was very well received and appreciated.