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You are in the right place if…

you are very curious about astrology and want a guided tour of your chart and current transits

you have important moves to make (marriage, divorce, career path change, long-distance move, etc), and want to sync up your game plan with the cosmos by learning of your own upcoming challenges and opportunities

you are seeking astrological experience and neutral, nonjudgmental guidance based on your specific and unique astrological unfolding

you are feeling kinda stuck and you need some clarity and astrologicial insight

you need someone to hold a safe container and provide wisdom, as well as inspiration, for your own alchemical transformations

you have a specific piece that you want to work on that is tripping you up in an undeniable, repetitious way and you want to do the work to move through it and into the life that you know you could be living.

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I was born to empower you.

We won’t just dabble in your astrology, we go deep into you together… and this work can change you if you embrace it. With my knowledge and intuition, I am especially interested in helping you navigate your life by the stars.

My fascination with the planets and first awareness of astrology came around age seven. My obsession kicked into high gear at age twenty. It has yet to wane even once. Almost two decades later, it is my greatest pleasure to share my gifts of insight and foresight.

My philosophy of astrology is that we are in sync with a grand concert of movements in the sky mirroring our life circumstances. I do not give predictions but rather prognostications of particularly challenging or opportune times, with a  spectrum of the possibilities that relate to the themes of the planets and aspects you are facing.  

If you are craving mentorship, let me be your guide. I am intimate with the modern pantheon of personal transformation deities, from neuroscience and quantum physics to energy work and do-it-yourself psychic exercises, as well as somatic and self-hypnosis techniques. I can give you tools to make the most of this one precious life if you are open to guidance.

My favorite playground is at the intersection of Spirit and Science. Let me take you there. I’ll show you a mirror of yourself and empower you to stand in your truth and create the future you want to live in.

My readings are for everyone who is interested in learning more about their astrological lives.

My spiritual mentorship is for those of you who are ready to…

  • see yourselves more clearly (shadow and all) and embrace the parts disowned in order to become whole and heal.  
  • learn basic energy hygiene to improve you overall sense of well-being. 
  • connect more deeply with your own higher self, inner child, and third eye.
  • understand your limiting beliefs and learn strategies to overcoming them.
  • learn to read astrology charts.
  • expand your spiritual philosophy and intuition with a trusted guide in an accountability container.

My coaching is for those who are ready to create their desired lives, move out of sticky situations, end what is not working in empowering ways, and push their edges for personal growth and gain. Go to the Coaching tab in the main menu for more info. 

What My Clients Say

Not only did I receive detailed guidance on how my particular energies and desires are governed, but I also came to surrender to the events as they unfolded in my life according to this divinely orchestrated astrological plan.  I also received guidance and understanding for my children and partner. (see her full testimonial by clicking below)

Elsa thinks and sees in astrology. She knows my chart better than me and always gives me those Aha moments of why things are happening the way they are. Her work is expansive and deep. 


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Words + Ideas

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