CommUNITY Love

A love poem to my community,


Yes, you 

and you 

and you too. 

You in the back.

You next to me.

You across the hall. 

You on the other side of the wall. 

You there on the screen, not here and looking so small. 

All of you.

I see your light. I see your lovable parts. I see your big hearts. I love you. I really do.

YOU and YOU and YOU and YOU and you times infinity, thru and thru. I see you. All of you.

I see your shadows. 

I see your wounds and your wanting.

I see where you are asleep to yourself. I do not wish to shame you or harm you. I can only tame you gently from your wild unconscious slumber.

I still love you. All and all. 

Slowly, awaken.  

As each piece of shadow is uncovered, 

awaken to more of yourself 

and to the opportunity in the present moment. 

These are the times that you’ve been yearning for. 

YOU are the one that you’ve been waiting for. 

Be here now for as much healing as you can possibly muster 

with all of your whole-hearted courage.


Heal. Activate your inner sight with insight.  

Disembody the shame you’ve taken on with each intentional exhale. 

Breathe out that feeling from the places you felt wrong for any reason, real or arbitrary.

We all have some of this work to do and I’ve even rolled my eyes about it at times, 

but the truth is that loving is the way and the seeing ourselves healed is the answer. 

The world we are creating around us is more beautiful when we’re here now, 

showing up for the healing that is always available in some seemingly small 

~yet absolutely accessible way~ in every single moment.


An invitation to my community,



Let that tension you know-so-well go.

Release your shame. 

Release your fear. 

Release your guilt.

Forgive and clear yourself. Heal.

You serve everyone when you do this.

YOU loving yourself…  

is the so-hot-right-now radical act of revolution 

that the world needs oh-so-badly 

to keep from going chaotically mad.

You are a crucial part of the collective field everywhere that you exist. 

Be there, wherever you are, and be aware of this. 

You matter oh-so-much! 

I love you and your light and your shadow and your trunk of costumes. 

I see you changing your outfits. You’re adorable over there. I see you, all of you. 

I love you even when you walk around wearing a costume of shame du jour or those old white wigs of guilt. 

You’re still cute in your sad shrunken-in stance. I know that’s not the real you. 

And when you try to dress me in costumes of projection and blame, that’s not me either.

Let’s get naked again. 

Real, honest, and vulnerable. 

We can dress ourselves in fun, amusement, and peace instead.


It always starts with a choice. 

Make the choice to take the healing action in the moment. 

Healing always starts with a deep breath. 

Cleanse yourself with the life force ever-present in our atmosphere.

Take in the sacred AIR that we all share.

Use your breath and your words to clear the AIR. 

Clear it here and clear it there, 

be a conduit for peace with your words and thoughts. 

Do the least amount of harm possible to yourself and others. 


Perfection is not the goal, 

yet this collective endeavor, 

in tiny gestures, 

will resonate, radiate, and ripple thru the airwaves.



Invisible and powerful.

Like wifi.    Like your thoughts.    Like your emotional vibrations and bodily states transmitted to those around you.

The mystery of Aquarius is in the glyph.  ♒️  Look at those airwaves.

It may represent the water-bearer, but it is the element of AIR. 

AIR is space. Have your own. No shame in taking up yours. 

Have your boundaries. Imagine creating them in space, see them in the air. 

Speak them. Give them life. Give them honor. They make other people feel safer when shared opening, artfully, and gracefully.

AIR is communication. Get better at welding your words. 

They can help you heal, they can help us all heal, little by little, your words matter. 

Do as little harm as possible with them. 

Keep it kind, clear, and clean (and you are also welcome to swear like a sailor if it still meets 2/3 of this criteria). I love when you do.

Check on your potential projections. Get curious about your communication process. I love when you do. 


For fun, I invite you to imagine this. 

When you go to the do your doody duty, 

imagine that you also shit your shame out. 

Make it a daily practice of clearing your energy 

with that physical movement on your porcelain throne. 

Imagine flushing the energy right into the earth, 

our great home and magnificent, receptive, nonjudgmental recycler of energy. 

Use your mind to put that lower vibration of shame into your physical waste and release. Let go. Flush. 

Repeat next time.


It’s working because you didn’t take it too seriously. 

Release yourself from taking yourself and your metaphorical shit so seriously. 

Be lighter. Be sacred and silly thru the mental magic of AIR. 

AIR is progressive. It moves forward… 

it revolutionizes when we remember to utilize the gifts 

it gives us all… if we choose them. I choose to do my part, even though I am imperfect.


Get with taking your rightful place of creating more peace in the collective. 

Get with your part of clearing the AIR

in your community,

in unity,

in you.

Where are the discerning voices of the grandmother’s council?

What’s missing in American culture?

Where is the voice of the wise old women represented? 

When will we re-empower our honored elder women to stand in their wisdom and experience to guide us all? 

In order to restore balance, especially in these dire times, we will need the voices of our beloved grandmothers, our ancient ancestors, and our revered child-less crones.

The coming transits thru Capricorn signify a time when we must elevate the status of these women into leadership roles again. 

Uranus and the Revolution Cycle

We collectively stand on the verge of at least a few more years of sweeping Revolution. To hold on to any denial that the process is already, irreversibly, underway would be dangerously naive. To believe that we can go back to some semblance of a former way of life in America is a mistake.  The humanly forces of mass patriotic discontent and politically-charged excitability are set ablaze once again by the current time signature of astrology. Uranus squares Pluto. Jupiter opposes Uranus. Saturn will conjunct Pluto at the end of 2019. Let me guide you thru these turns of the great cosmic cogs in the sky.

Within the cosmic fabric of the zodiac, we find a disturbance in the angle of the forces of Uranus and Pluto as they have recently formed a 90 degree point of action called a square. As it reached exact measurable degrees seven times from 2012-2015, several times due to retrograde motion from a geocentric perspective, events in our world have flared up to express this discord of this alignment. Since these planets began a new cycle and danced through a Uranus-Pluto conjunction from 1961-1969, seeding the antiestablishmentarianism ideas that oppose the current administration’s actions against the land and the people, we have been collectively calling for change. All of this fuels conflict around our country’s division of political values.

“People who oppose the great cultural and social movements of the ’60s say they were just passing fads at best, and the root of current moral decline at worst, but the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of that era means that these movements are actually just the beginning of a decades-long cycle of revolution that will eventually transform all of society. So in a sense these critics are correct-the old values are being undermined, as they always are under this influence. We should never forget that in our modern times today’s “Establishment” is always due to the efforts of yesterday’s “revolutionaries.”” This quote is from E. Alan Meece’s piece entitled The Three Revolutions: The Uranus-Pluto Cycle, which can be read here:

The current establishment has had a good long run and now it is quickly running itself into the ground with greed. Veils are dropping everywhere. Establishment efforts to conceal corruption are at an all-time low and whistle-blowing is at an all-time high.  The Great Corporate Power Grab in effect is more apparent than ever, if one simply opens their mind and questions what is going on. There are far too many people who are aware of the injustices that the wealthy elite inflict upon the rest of us and the Earth in the wake of their bad big business decisions. How much longer will we stand for this? I am betting that by the time Saturn joins Pluto in Capricorn in the sky, we will see the tables turn in favor of the greater population and the greater good of the Earth. Capricorn IS reputation and achievement in the outer world. Capricorn IS big business. Capricorn IS the political machine. Capricorn is the master builder earth sign ruled by Saturn. Saturn spends about two years in each sign. She gains the full strength of her reformer abilities when she returns to travel through Capricorn. Together with Pluto’s slow but profound transformative abilities, the current power dynamic in our country is up for a revision. We are about to watch history in the making. 

Revolution is in the Air

Revolution is in the air, almost everywhere across the globe, and the key to its success is fiercely feminine. We must NOW commit ourselves to overhauling the way we live. Unsustainable capitalism and its dirty offspring; rampant consumerism, towering debt, and addiction to acquisition must be left behind for more holistic ways of being a nation. We can do this. We must do this, preemptively, before the prevailing powers carry us right into a total collapse of this nation. Pride comes before the fall, they say. Ignorance often accompanies pride. Apathy is another accomplice. Our nation is in danger, but the women can heal it. The Dalai Lama said that Western women will save the world, and I believe he is right.

Venus shows up strongly in our current events and energetic life currents. As she recently journeyed thru Pisces alongside the wounded healer, Chiron, she acknowledged and hopefully integrated her own open wounds. She pondered pain, suffering, and healing, of the world and of her own. She educated herself about her options. She prepared for her return to the sign of Aries, where she began her retrograde which stationed direct on April 15. She begins a new forward cycle on the Cusp of Rebirth, where the zodiac completes with Pisces and begins a new cycle with Aries. This is a potent once every 8 years rebirth of Venus. She is reborn as a warrior goddess with all the fires of Aries to harness as her own. She sends the message that women’s responsibility now is to reclaim our power and harness it first to heal ourselves, then to heal others, heal our culture, and heal our planet. Woman is not confined to the container of resistance alone. She can push for change. With Venus re-embracing the brave spirit of Aries, one thing is certain: push she shall.

I’m here to inspire and support women as they reclaim their individual and collective power and self-authority, whether that be by the stars or their own moon/womb cycles. It’s our collective work to elevate the feminine and balance the divine forces of masculine and feminine on the planet. The time has come. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for all this time.