Revolution is in the Air

Revolution is in the air, almost everywhere across the globe, and the key to its success is fiercely feminine. We must NOW commit ourselves to overhauling the way we live. Unsustainable capitalism and its dirty offspring; rampant consumerism, towering debt, and addiction to acquisition must be left behind for more holistic ways of being a nation. We can do this. We must do this, preemptively, before the prevailing powers carry us right into a total collapse of this nation. Pride comes before the fall, they say. Ignorance often accompanies pride. Apathy is another accomplice. Our nation is in danger, but the women can heal it. The Dalai Lama said that Western women will save the world, and I believe he is right.

Venus shows up strongly in our current events and energetic life currents. As she recently journeyed thru Pisces alongside the wounded healer, Chiron, she acknowledged and hopefully integrated her own open wounds. She pondered pain, suffering, and healing, of the world and of her own. She educated herself about her options. She prepared for her return to the sign of Aries, where she began her retrograde which stationed direct on April 15. She begins a new forward cycle on the Cusp of Rebirth, where the zodiac completes with Pisces and begins a new cycle with Aries. This is a potent once every 8 years rebirth of Venus. She is reborn as a warrior goddess with all the fires of Aries to harness as her own. She sends the message that women’s responsibility now is to reclaim our power and harness it first to heal ourselves, then to heal others, heal our culture, and heal our planet. Woman is not confined to the container of resistance alone. She can push for change. With Venus re-embracing the brave spirit of Aries, one thing is certain: push she shall.

I’m here to inspire and support women as they reclaim their individual and collective power and self-authority, whether that be by the stars or their own moon/womb cycles. It’s our collective work to elevate the feminine and balance the divine forces of masculine and feminine on the planet. The time has come. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for all this time.