Spiritual Mentorship

Anything goes! These sessions are the ultimate mash-up. Be ready to work on yourself. Be ready to look in a true mirror. Be ready to ask questions. We assess where it is that you would like to grow as a spirit living in a human animal body and start from where you are. 

In these sessions, I may utilize a variety of esoteric tools and personal transformation techniques. You will leave with homework, and more clarity about what you need to grow at this time. I help you figure out what is and isn’t working for you and design a practice that you can use to help get you there. Spiritual work is never actually done, however, this is one way to accelerate your process and get guidance from someone who has practiced all the things she preaches. 

You must be willing to hear occasional hard truths. I will come from a safe place of non-judgment in order to help you grow. You must be willing to do the work and to do your assignments in order to help yourself grow. 

These sessions work on a sliding scale basis to ensure those that are truly ready to do the work are not held back by lack of funds.

First, you apply and we set up a time to talk. In our discovery call, we determine if we are a good fit to do this work together and where you fall on the payment scale. It ranges from $35-$135 an hour. I offer this sliding scale to accommodate youth and truly under-privileged individuals. I require that you commit to the first 3 sessions and complete them in 6 weeks or less, and after that you may choose how many more and what pace you would like.  

Go to my scheduler to schedule a Spiritual Mentorship Discovery call.