Mindset Mentorship

You’ll receive personally tailored sessions that are designed to reveal your personal planetary cycles and your current transits in your life. We’ll get an overarching view of the bigger picture and lay out key themes for now and upcoming time periods, framed as your opportunities and challenges.

In multi-session packages, we begin to look into into your shadow side. What’s lurking there? Your procrastination, self-sabotage, self-limiting beliefs, and overwhelm will be met with non-judgement, curiosity, and appropriate antidotes to whatever you share with me. We confront your biggest personal blocks in a mash-up of ways (DIY somatic, psychic, and hypnotic practices) that get real results. This looks like 1:1 transformational growth coaching for you in your life. We use tools and exercises during your sessions and I create personalized homework to propel you forward faster. Finally, we explore you deepest desired outcomes and the feelings you want to experience and reverse engineer those. In addition to setting you up for that success, we’ll brainstorm actionable improvements, steps forward, or solutions for your chosen areas of life.

Are you part magical being, part neuroscience nerd? Would you feel safer knowing that my work is trauma-informed and the solutions I work with are tested and proven to work for others. Awesome, join me and we’ll get clear on where you want to go and get you there!

Are you not-so-much into magic or brain science, yet still open-minded and ready to try new things? Then get ready to have your horizons expanded and take home some new tools to get you to where you want to go. I bring you to the creative intersection of spirit and science, because this is where I live, work, and play. You can too, if you dare go there. Add a touch of the psychic magic of applying quantum physics, and you’ll see how powerful you really can be.

If you believe that transformation is possible for you, but you know you need some guidance, then I want to work with you. Packages come in 3, 5, or 7 sessions. I hook you up with all the insights you need, and send you off with homework between sessions. If you commit to doing the work, with me as your supportive guide, you’ll begin to see magical and real results in no time.

$499 for 3
$699 for 5
$899 for 8

All session prices include my preparation work time before we begin and in between sessions. Astrology is complex and thorough chart analysis is necessary to provide personalized insights for maximum results.

All package sessions are 60 minutes long.
All sessions are recorded for you to keep.
All real life results are yours to brag about.